It's the age-old argument of experience vs. education; is it better to leave school at 18 and work solidly for the next three years or, go to University to specialise in a field you may or may not end up working in? 

University life can give you invaluable life experience; for many, it's the first time that they will live alone, do their own washing, cook for themselves and ultimately, survive (almost) on their own. There are many transferable skills that come along with a degree as well- organisation, communication, presentation and time-management for example. However, there are skills that you don't learn at Uni. For example, some graduates find it difficult to adjust to an adult, working environment.

As someone who works with mainly graduates, I would say that it is entirely down to the individual and, the opportunity. A degree is unlikely to give you the right experience to be a Senior Manager straight off. Nor is it likely to completely qualify you for a really niche role. However, I feel that if you have the right drive, ambition and motivators a degree can go a long way to proving your commitment and basic skills. 

What do you think?