In January I will be moving to Berlin to set up our 10th office globally. I couldn’t help but relate to the journey I've been on in my career so far when I read this article. With this in mind, I thought I would share with you what I have learnt along the way which has shaped me into the leader I am today.

Most people would agree that recruitment is a marathon and not a sprint; it takes years to truly understand the science and the art behind it. As I embark on my new adventure I want people to recognise me for what is most important to me. Learning.

I thought I would write my first blog on what I want to be known for in Germany: People, passion and leadership.

Communicate the vision:

I have always been a very competitive person and I like to surround myself with the best people. I am a big believer that you can’t have a brilliant company, with average people. I, therefore, have every intention of leading the fastest growing specialist recruitment business in Germany. Bring it on!

Give the workforce a voice:

Let’s face it, recruitment in itself is a process and the best recruiters have mastered that processes. Recruitment is also dependant on the individual and how logical they are it might take them a while to understand how processes work with individual clients. I believe everyone plays a part in the success of a company at all levels and therefore, it’s important to take time in understanding what is working, and what is not.

Build momentum with quick wins:

Having worked in numerous industries across numerous market verticals, I really do understand how different people are suited to that industry. When bringing new people on board, patience is key and showing an understanding of getting from a to b to c to d is really important. Being part of every stage of the recruitment lifecycle is important in fully understanding the job. Feedback at every stage of learning is important for corrective or preventative action, it is important this is done proactively and not reactively.

Provide comprehensive training:

I have always hired people that I believe could do my job and beyond. This is why I believe in training as much as possible, both internal and external. I have learnt from a variety of influential people in my time and think this is an essential tool for learning and growing to be the best you can be.

Recognise progress and achievement:

As a results driven leader, I am the first to let people know when they are succeeding. Creating a continuous improvement culture comes very natural to me. What is the most important to me is people learning daily. I want to bring out the best that person can be! The curious people, who constantly want to learn...These are the people I like to surround myself with...