As an Internal Recruiter for a growth-focused business, I speak to a lot of millennials keen to get a start in the working world. I always ask individuals about their plans- are they looking for a career? Or do they just want a job? The majority claim that they are looking for a long-term career within an organisation that they can truly climb the ranks within. 

Nevertheless, being in the age bracket myself, I know the majority of my friends are not looking to get "bogged down" in a business and see a varied career as more valuable. The article below supports this idea, that millennials are not looking for a long-term career but, rather just a job to last them a year or two. 

However, in an age where "job-hopping" is considered a lack of commitment, a lack of integrity and a lack of forward planning- what will this mean for millennials CV's and job search later down the line?