While Back To The Future predicted flying cars and power clothing the actual future has held many more surprising and high impact inventions. One of the most exciting being Artificial Intelligence. Not in terms of the evil robot that eventually takes over the world but, in terms of the many practical uses of AI. 

One of the suggested uses has been as a replacement of the typical Recruitment Consultant. While many remain optimistic about this in the hopes that AI will provide a cheaper, faster service I for one, am not sure that the benefits really outweigh the costs. There are some aspects of Recruitment that people are just better suited to:

- The personal approach for both clients and candidates. 

- Full screening of cultural fit. 

- Selling the opportunity and business to a candidate. 

- Keeping the candidate involved and interested in the process.

Recruitment shouldn't just be a "wham, bham, thankyou ma'am" service. Recruitment is about people and, I feel that it is best completed by people too. 

What are your thoughts?