I believe that the most important element of recruitment, but also any other business, is their people. It is all people. Everything is people - for now at least... 

To best understand people and how they make a decision you need to find their "WHY". I think that this is the fundamental part of any decision making whether that be in business, in relationships or just in life generally. 

Now you may ask: How do you find out other people's "WHY"? 

I believe that the best way to do this is to genuinely tell your own story and "WHY" first and then the right people will find you and you will be able to understand their "WHY". You can then understand their decision making much better and collaborate with them much more efficiently.

Personally, I have a huge regret! I did not find out how good I could have been as a tennis player because I did not work my hardest when I was given the opportunity and all the resources, so when it was all said and done I look back at it and I will never know... 

This leads to my "WHY" now - When I finished my tennis career I decided to go into business, I had no clue where or what exactly but I knew that I did not want to make the same mistake as I did in tennis. I just want to find out how good I can be when it is all said and done! Meaning when I look back at my career in 30-40 years I want to look back and say that I have given everything that I had and see where that got me. Of course, there will be mistakes and roadblocks along the way that I will not be able to change; however, attitude and work ethic are 100% controllable and so I believe that if I focus on those I will eventually be able to find out how good I really could be. 

Let's come back to this in 30 years?  

Let me know your "WHY" in the comments.