Stranger things and Recruitment? How on earth do they work together you may ask? Strangely enough – they do.

  • Contemplation and Quick Moves – Recruiters are masters of fast paced, quick fire tactics. Recruitment is very much ‘go hard or go home’, and every move must be accounted for to decrease letting down clients and candidates. Similar to Jim Hopper, he is the kind of guy who takes into account all possible outcomes before making his moves to defeat the DEMOGORGON!
  • Not just the first impression matters – The first time the boys met Eleven may have set a standard for who Eleven appeared to be, but the impressions she made on them after set a standard for who she really was. As a recruiter, if you really want to judge someone, try to meet up with this person at least three times in three different places in different environments. You might be surprised to see that very few people would remain consistent at all times.
  • FRIENDS DON’T LIE - For friends and recruiters alike, lying to your candidates, clients or even work colleagues isn’t going to end well. Just be honest.
  • Always be curious – Recruiters should always be asking questions, remaining curious like Dustin, Will, Mike and Lucas, storytelling along the way. This is the real way of getting the right leads and impressing clients. Never be uncomfortable to ask questions and gain an upper hand on your competition.