On average, 221 new consultancies entered the recruitment market in 2016 and, 2017 seems to be continuing on an upward trend. As such a big industry, there is a real need for high-quality professionals who are really passionate about the job at hand. Unlike other industries, a good recruitment consultant could come from any walk of life. In the last three months here at Phaidon International we have hired an ex-chef, an ex-postman and someone that worked in law for 7 years and yet, all three of these professionals have picked up the role quickly and are doing really well.  What do all these people have in common with each other and the rest of our successful workforce?

Really, I think it boils down to six key things;

  • Resilience;

Recruitment can be a highly rewarding career with big earning potential, fast career progression and unbeatable incentives. However, becoming a top-biller does not happen overnight and, not every process goes your way.  Candidates and Clients are people and, people have minds of their own that can change at any given moment. A colleague of mine once worked on a process for a month and a half, worked really hard to find the right candidates, manage the process, negotiate the offer and eventually close the deal- only to have the candidate cancel their start date a month later because their dog could not relocate. Being resilient is key in situations- you have to be able to keep going when candidates reject, when phone calls are hung up on, when clients say no the first three times because that fourth time could be a yes.

  • Communication Skills;

As a customer focused role, a good Recruitment Consultant will be extremely skilled at communication with a large variety of people in a variety of manners. Being able to tailor your approach for different individuals is key in a role like this. Actually listening to what a client needs and, asking the right questions to each individual will get you much further. You’ll often find Clients and Candidates working with the same recruiter over and over again, not because of the business they work for but, because of their personality and the rapport built.

  • Competitiveness;

This is the reason that sporty people tend to do well in Recruitment- it’s a highly competitive area which will put you up against thousands of other professionals keen to win the same business as you. Having a competitive edge and, being spurred on by competition will definitely put you in a good place. A naturally competitive person will be driven to succeed and will be willing to keep pushing themselves and working hard until they do.

  • Willingness to Learn; Stepping into Recruitment as a fresh grad, or an experienced professional from another field can be a massive learning curve. It’s an environment like no other with high targets and an exceptionally fast-paced working model. Therefore, your first three months can really fly by as a wave of training sessions and new experiences. To be the best you can be you have to be willing to learn from those around you and, take advice from everyone.

  • Motivations; As previously mentioned, Recruitment can be a tough job that requires a lot of resilience and determination. Therefore, you have to have strong motivations for a role like this. Maybe you want to buy a house by the time your 24, maybe you want to be a Director by 27? Whatever it is that you can get out of the position, keep that in the back of your mind throughout.

  • Character;

All businesses want people, not robots. It’s about who you are as well as your skills and what you can bring. Are you really extroverted? Are you more analytical? Perhaps you’re very pragmatic? It doesn’t matter. All of these personalities can be successful in Recruitment- just make sure that you show who you are! At the end of the day, this is what your colleagues, candidates and clients will buy into. Having a personality, a character- will help you to get much further in a role like this.

There are hundreds of other skills that you can bring to a role as a Recruitment Consultant and obviously, everyone should sell themselves on all the skills that they have and why they would be a good fit for the position. However, these six things are crucial to being a successful Recruitment Consultant- so, if you’re looking into the industry I would definitely recommend thinking of these six things and how you can really show them in your next interview.