Resumes are the first impression a candidate will make on an employer. It is obvious that resumes say a lot about the candidate, because that's what a resume is for, but its not just the experience that matters to the employer but the presentation. As someone who looks at hundreds of resumes each week there are many common mistakes that candidates make on their resume that separate the good from the bad.

From spelling mistakes to generalizations, to highlighting duties instead of accomplishments, there are many everyday mistakes that candidates make on their resume that say a lot about them as a future employee. I believe the most common mistake is the idea that one-resume-fits-all, especially for entry level candidates who are applying to many different roles. It isn't wrong to be open to applying to creative marketing roles as well as finance roles, but your resume should appeal to the specific employer and industry. If this means going over the 1-Page rule that is alright by me because it is important to tell an employer all about what you have accomplished. Don't worry about the resume being too long or too short, just make sure it includes all long term work experience and internships, because even if you don't think it is relevant it will speak for your work ethic.

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