Over 2 billion people are actively using Facebook and with the amount of data people are sharing, it can be a goldmine for recruiters. Facebook are beginning to test out a New Resume-Like Option, similar to LinkedIn. Facebook’s scale and data allows them the capacity to conquer almost any sector it sets its mind to.

Zuckerberg and Co are introducing a virtual resume similar to LinkedIn, where users can upload their CV's with details such as work history, dates, names and contact information. Of course, you can already add where you work and your history on your own Facebook profile, but this will enable you to add more specific details. 

52% of job seekers used Facebook to look for work in 2012 and Job listings were have been becoming more and more popular since last November, so its clear Facebook has been edging its way into this market for a while now. 

LinkedIn is seen as the leader in this market as they have the largest database of professional career histories, which has enabled them to provide more targeted, specific job listings and recommendations based on similar jobs.

However, Facebook’s Studies show that they too can provide similar tools. Through Facebook’s Graph, they can connect the dots between a wide range of career commonalities and eventually provide better candidate recommendations or job ad targeting based on these correlations. The study shows that Facebook’s interest graphs can provide very accurate personality profiles.

Facebook also comes with its Workplace business platform, which part social network, part messenger and part productivity tool for teams.  Its main aim is to keep your team and company connected. 

Facebook already allows companies to create career pages, where job seekers can actively follow and get to know the organization. By following the company the job seekers can get a feel of what the company is like and followers are waiting in line for the next job opening they may have. 

Will Facebook eventually take over?