As an internal recruiter in a high-growth business, I am predominantly hiring for an entry level sales based position. Over and over again I have found that athletes make a great candidate for a sales role no matter their background, but what makes an athlete such an appealing candidate for a sales role?

When you break it down there are 6 key traits that athletes bring to the table as potential employees. As David K. Williams points out, athletes have:

1. A drive to practice until they succeed.

2. The ability to set goals and achieve them.

3.  The natural ability to develop new skills.

4. An entrepreneurial approach.

5. A strive for balance in their life.

6.  The ability to work with a team.

This brings about the idea of a 'business athlete', someone who will go above and beyond in every aspect to succeed, be a top performer, and will always look to take on a leadership role. Hiring 'athletes' is the best thing you can do for your company as it promotes innovative ideas, a strong sense of culture and camaraderie, and the ability to work towards one common goal. Sometimes we forget that not every 'athlete' loves to play sports or enjoys spending their weekends watching 'the game', but in a business, an 'athlete' works tirelessly to succeed

Here at Phaidon International day in any day out strive for success, push each other to be our best, have a love for friendly competition, are eager to learn, and all work together to achieve 1 goal. We are a company of 'athletes'.