Phaidon International is excited to announce that we have been officially ranked 13th in the Global Top 25 LinkedIn Most Socially Engaged staffing agencies 2017!

Social Engagement is important for us as not only a recruitment firm but as a global organisation, so to be ranked this highly out of 60,000 search and staff companies is a great milestone for us.

We have achieved this milestone by ensuring the entire business is socially engaged with networks on a day to day basis, providing audiences with relevant and interesting content, such as Contractor Advice, Diversity & Inclusion, Career Advice, Industry Insights and various other media that is written and produced by our market specialist consultants.

How to be more socially engaging:

Social engagement is one of the most effective and popular methods of strengthening interaction and building a relationship between brand and customer. This type of Engagement involves maintaining a level of involvement, interaction, intimacy and influence with a specific individual and increasing their engagement with you and your brand over time, which leads to brand advocacy and loyalty.

For recruitment one of the best ways to socially engage with candidates who are interested is to first leverage your employees and their combined social networks.

As mentioned before, engaging your candidates and clients on social networks through relevant content such as Hiring Advice, Inclusive Talent and Industry insights is a great way of retaining your audience and build conversations. 

There is one key point to having a good social relationship with candidates. TRUSTED SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT. Have you gained permission from your candidate to call, email or message them on social media? There is nothing worse than being constantly bothered by someone or something you don’t want or need! Having employees and candidates develop trusted social engagement for your companies recruiting efforts is the new permission marketing approach to talent acquisition. Once given permission you can have conversations with them whenever they are online on social channels or through their mobile devices.

Using social media to promote your Jobs is the most powerful tool you could use, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram allows you to add a human touch to your recruitment and inspire candidates to find out more about your organisation.

Employee to candidate engagement is considered the most reliable, honest, trustworthy and credible approaches, with so many profiles on social media these conversations can spread like wildfire. The results? Better qualified and endorsed candidates, significantly lower recruiting cost and faster time to fill rates.