Several of us at Phaidon International shared an evening with Sir Richard Branson last night in London, at the global launch event of his new autobiography "Finding My Virginity". Sir Richard imparted several pearls of wisdom that resonated with our own ethos as a business (and as individuals too!):  

  • Be fun and always have fun.
  • Be optimistic- we have a lot to be optimistic about: Extraordinary, exciting things  take place every day.
  • Don’t be too serious with yourself.  
  • Live the values you have at home, at work. Behave at work how you would behave at home. It is one life- there should be crossover.
  • Follow your dreams. Do what you’re good at. Do what you enjoy.
  • Look for the best in everybody.

And not least of all: screw it, just do it.

How, you may ask,  does this translate into our world of recruitment?

Well, for us, 'entrepreneur' is another word for 'innovator'. We work with innovators in lots of specialist sectors every day, and the talented people we place into exciting companies go on to achieve amazing things.  

This is the Phaidon International model. A recruitment company that values and matches exceptional talent with exceptional business.

It works, the world over. Brilliance doesn’t have geographical boundaries.

So if you’re an innovator or an appreciator of innovation- we’d love to hear from you and get talking about a bright future.