Do you exhibit the top likeable traits?

One of my beliefs is that you should make the most from every day. Part of making the "most" includes learning, earning, thought, doing good deeds and laughter. 

Simply put, no one gets out of life alive.

That is why for me enjoying your work is so important. There can be negative connotations associated with the word "work" – the OED being particularly negative…

Work – noun

Activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a result. "He was tired after a day's work in the fields"

Synonyms: Labour, toil, exertion, effort, slog, drudgery, the sweat of one’s brow

With work getting such a bad (Oxford University) press, we all need an antidote –and I think the cure just might lie with surrounding yourself with incredibly likable people. No, I am not advocating the appointment of “Chief Fun Officers” or lots of jolly people with red noses and plus sized shoes going around the office.

Rather, when we hire our own, do we look for people who in addition to being competent, professional and from a diverse background, are great to be around? Indeed, in the modern age, is it still okay to hire someone because you “like them?”

So how can you evidence fun, likeable people?  Quite easily,  according to UCLA via Forbes Magazine.  The link below shows the main habits of highly likeable people… frankly – they had me at “put away their phones…”

  • They Ask Questions
  • They Put Away Their Phones
  • They Are Genuine
  • They Don’t Pass Judgment
  • They Don’t Seek Attention
  • They Are Consistent
  • They Use Positive Body Language
  • They Leave a Strong First Impression
  • They Smile
  • They Know When To Open Up
  • They Know Who To Touch (and They Touch Them)
  • They Balance Passion and Fun
  • Bringing It All Together