Social media recruitment is becoming increasingly popular, we have heard of the usual Facebook, Twitter and of course LinkedIn. But what about Snapchat? Snapchat is drawing the attention of internal recruiters looking to differentiate themselves within their market and establish a creative and innovative hiring process for millennials. Snapchat allows for sharing images, videos, fun stickers, effects and now even allows for augmented reality (dancing hot dog, what a guy!). 

Internal Recruiters can use Snapchat to become active with recruiting young talent; a snap story of the day in the life of a recruiter can be made, it engages the potential candidate and shows an insight into brand and culture. Don’t say how the team works or how good the company culture is – SHOW IT.

'A day in the life' can be posted by the recruiters in the office too, to really get into what the job role is and what they would be doing. We want the message to be authentic but also professional and relevant. However, content needs to be current and freshly updated – it only lasts 24 hours remember!

Post job ads! Why not? Posting a job ad onto Snapchat will make you stand out from your competitors and also engage with your candidates on a personal level. You can send a Snapchat of your future candidate’s desk/office and let them know what they may be in for! ‘THIS COULD BE YOU, APPLY HERE’ (Yes Snapchat allows you to attach links too!) So attach links to your snaps, drive the engagement to your website and get them applying!

If your job ads work, don't stop there - introduce Snapchat video CV’s and meetings. Generate fun ideas - ‘Give a 10 second pitch as to why you should have this job’.  

Internal Recruiters can use Snapchat Geofilters to create branded visual overlays that show up when the users are in specific locations. It could be used at career fairs or events at universities. 

Snapchat is rarely used in recruitment, but it allows for so much creativity while targeting exactly who your company needs. So, tear up the rulebook and take your business in a new direction!