Say goodbye to late nights and lie-ins, calm and pleasant walks to campus and £2.50 doubles…

The first week of your new job will be a challenge; adapting to a new environment, learning loads of new stuff and STAYING AWAKE!

But there are a few little things you can do to make the whole transition a lot easier for yourself:

Sleep. Power napping at your desk probably won’t be accepted. Make sure you get a decent nights rest; not only to be able to get up on time but to also stay awake during the day. Around 8 hours is ideal.

Eat good food. Your working day will probably be a lot longer than the hours of lectures you’re used to in a day. Make sure you have breakfast in the morning to give you energy and have a decent lunch. However, if you have a desk job, don’t fall victim to desk snacking all the time – those are a few extra pounds you don’t want to see.     

Budgeting. If you start your new job a good while before payday, budgeting will save you. There are so many other costs you will have to start thinking about, especially if you have moved out of your family home or if you are working in the city. There are loads of apps you can use but the basics are; know your incomings and prioritise your main expenses. For example rent, bills, travel and food. Also, find ways to save money like getting a monthly travel card or prepping your own lunch. Yes, all the food places around may be tempting, but those extra pounds you save will add up – save it or treat yourself at the end of the month.

Journey Planning. You don’t want to be known for being late into work all the time. You might think you know the city, but don’t get too comfortable. Not only do you have to take rush hour into consideration, which may slow down your journey or leave you standing up for your whole 45-minute train or bus journey, you also need to consider unprecedented events. Tube strikes, road closures, tube incidents, etc. Make sure you keep up to date with travel news and check the updates in the morning and leave with extra time instead of cutting it fine.

Networking and being social. Going straight back home to sleep after work is tempting; however, it’s good to start making friends and getting to know people that you are working with or people that you might not get to encounter on a regular basis. For example, speaking to different people at lunch, joining drinks after work, etc. You will get a better understanding of the company and its culture and it will eventually make you more comfortable with the adjustment if you have friends in your workplace. This also links to having your "me time", don't neglect your hobbies or interests or spending time with friends and family. You are not a robot and you can still have fun, you won't be expected to work 24/7 so put your work emails aside and set some designated time to just do you.

These are just a few things that will help you adjust from your long-gone uni lifestyle to the working world.

If there are any others you want to share, please feel free to write in the comments.

Good luck with your new job!