Remember the days when you used to apply for jobs with your CV on paper and attend in-person interviews? Those days are almost dead and gone. The digital hiring model is quickly taking over and the future looks technological!

LinkedIn and online job applications were just the beginning; candidates are utilising social media such as Twitter and Facebook, big data and other technologies to represent their skills, aptitudes, and experience. In fact, it’s stated by HR Magazine that '73% of 18- to 34-year-old found their last job through a social network'. So, as a recruitment firm, what could be more important than going digital?

Recruitment shouldn’t stop at this - appealing to candidates via video will increase significantly, the use of video isn’t new or fresh technology but the application of this in recruitment may very well be. Firms should drive Skype, Webcam video interviews and video CV’s in the hiring process. Outside of this, introduce video advertising, maybe a few motivational videos or clips of employees at company events for those who visit your site and really want to engage with who you are as a brand.


Employer brand is a Key Selling Point! According to Forbes, Millennials will make up '50% of the workforce by 2020', and with Millennial’s being brought up in a world full of technology, they find themselves using every form of tech they can get their hands on - iPhone's, Virtual reality and AI. Thus, techy candidates will evaluate what they think of you as a company right before they even apply or accept a job – as if they were brand shopping! So what does this mean? You need a Strong brand. A brand’s image needs to reflect who the brand is, what they do and their missions/values. This will speak to the candidate and help them to determine whether they are the right fit for your organisation.


As candidates are using digital profiles and social media – this means there is wider talent pool for recruiters to draw from! Not only this, but Social media allows for connections with people on a personal level, you can see the true personality for the role you are hiring for resulting in a better fit. 

So, are you ready to be digital? 

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