Last week I was asked by the Department for International Trade (DIT) to take part in a research project which looked at how best to enable UK businesses to increase their exports. As a bid manager at Phaidon International, I jumped at the chance to see what the UK government was up to and whether it would be of benefit to our business and/or our clients. 

I was asked to comment on the process of connecting UK businesses with international buyers and more specifically; about my experience in bidding for international trade and the related processes. 

The research project is part of the UK government's drive to improve exports, which features a flagship online marketplace tool "Exporting is Great".

This free online resource connects British businesses with international buyers and also provides coaching/information to those with little to no experience of exporting their product or service.

To be honest I couldn't see the benefit to an organisation such as Phaidon International. Our recruitment model thrives on the strength of our client relationships and fortunately we have the resources to go to market and partner with the organisations we wish to work with. But I absolutely see the value for some of our SME clients who may be less equipped/familiar with how to meet buyers in the international marketplace or how to generate sales through exports. 

Overall a valiant effort by DIT; and as I told the researchers, "Exporting is Great" will work best for UK product-based SME businesses looking to increase their international sales and footprint in a changing environment. 

It was interesting to be involved in such a project and also reassuring to know the UK government is proactively preparing to support UK business in a post-Brexit world.