Entering the world of work is a daunting time for every graduate. First, you have to figure out what you want to do and then comes the difficult task of creating the perfect CV to get you noticed. What details should you include? How long should it be? What order will put you in the best position to impress? 

Here are 6 very simple tips on how to ensure your resume is up to scratch;

1. Put the most important aspects first!

As a graduate, you have obviously spent a considerable amount of time (and not to mention money) on your Education. This is what separates you from the herd, make sure you mention this immediately after your personal statement. If you make a recruiter scroll to the end of your CV to check that you meet the most basic requirement of a graduate scheme, you're ensuring the skip over all of the other information that you have included.

2.Perfect your format!

Using 12 different fonts and text sizes makes your CV look unorganised. Stick to one font and only vary your sizes/ text styles to separate your sections. The way that you present your CV shows your potential employer how formally you would present the written work required if you secured the position.

3. Bullet points are your best friend!

Your CV should be about concisely showing your key skills and what you could bring to a position. What better way to ensure you only put in the key details that to make use of bullet points? Use these to explain your key contributions and achievements throughout your education & work experience.

4. Tailor your CV for each application!

Most CV's will start with a personal statement which gives the reader a snapshot of who you are and your ambitions. This is a great way to intrigue your recruiter into reading the remainder of your resume! Just make sure that this is tailored to be relevant for all of your applications. It is perfectly acceptable at this stage of your career to spread yourself wide and apply for different roles but, make sure when you are applying for a role in recruitment that your CV doesn't go into detail about what a good accountant you will make.

5. Include all of your work experience!

Countless times I speak to graduates whose CV's read as though they have never worked before. Nine times out of ten they will tell me that they didn't think it was relevant. You may not think that working in Retail is directly correlated to your dream of being a Business Analyst but, it goes a long way to show a hardworking nature if you juggled work and education at once.

6. Read your CV through before you apply!

It is astounding how many CV's I have received where individuals have misspelt their names. A very simple fix which only requires you to proof read your resume before submitting your application! An even better method? Have a friend or family member read it for you.