So many companies can now see the benefit of hiring temporary labor – so much so that 75% of technology companies and 56% of healthcare companies have plans to hire in this capacity in just 2017. The benefits are widespread – increased flexibility for employers and employees, ease in signing off headcount, speed, and cost to name just a few. Many of our clients enjoy the fact that a headcount can be inputted at a difficult budgeting time in the year, the average process takes under 2 weeks, and there is rarely a buyout fee associated. 

The difficulty is that this vision is not ingrained across companies yet – there are still many who lack a certain level of trust in this newer generation of temporary labor, and the internal processes are not streamlined enough yet to be compliant. Only a few of our clients truly understand the intricacies of compliance and the legalities around hiring a temporary worker, so how do we help to educate and assist these companies so that they can utilize this strong talent pool of temporary workers? Does it really have to be a headache?